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If you are a customer that has forgotten or misplaced a combination for your safe, we can help by offering our locksmith services to you. Don’t be worried about a safe opening in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas, when you know our team Ace Lock DFW. We are the company that gets it done right for our customers!
Being locked out of what is rightfully yours can stir up panic in those that can’t get into their safes. Safes are meant to keep out unwanted thieves, but when the safe turns into a force to be reckoned with for its owner, we can provide you the help you need to get it opened again.

We are skilled at opening locked safes and will work to get into yours quickly and efficiently. At Ace Lock DFW, we are your 24 hour locksmith you can trust, because we will apply our skills to your safe to get it opened for you.

If you haven’t lost your combination, but as a safety precaution, require a new combination to be installed into your safe lock, we are the team to call. This can assist you by helping you start again for yourself or someone else that has become a person that should not be in your personal belongings. Ace Lock DFW is a team of skilled professionals that will get the new combination set on your safe, to keep your property private and secure.

Sometimes the occasion concerning your safe calls for new locks. We can also install these on your safe, to ensure you have a secure place in using your safe. We also service safes for other needs as well. Just call us and ask.

We are happy to help in any situation, from commercial to residential. We’re the safe professionals you can rely on!

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